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The residents of this town can't stand it when houses with the same shape or color are lined up with each other.
Try to build as many houses as you can while keeping in mind which houses in your hand can be built at the end.
Full of puzzles and strategy that are pleasing for your mind, this is a simple, yet serious tile arranging game that you can play over and over again!

Enjoy ”Town 77" either as a solo puzzle game or as a strategy and puzzle game for 2+ players. The rules are simple: Place tiles without repeating shapes or colors in a row or column. But before you know it, you'll be running out of spots to place tiles! This game is for you, if you like to rack your brain in Sudoku and crossword puzzles, or if you're looking for a fun brain workout.

Build houses in a 7x7 town, but take care to avoid building the same shapes or colors in the same row or column. Whoever is the last one to empty their hand the most wins the game, but it's up to you when to reduce the total number of tiles in your hand. Once reduced, you can't increase it again though. So if you reduce your hand size too early, you'll limit your options, but if you take too long, you'll run out of spots to build houses! Play the game solo to chase puzzle highscores or with 2+ players to have strategy showdowns - and soon you'll catch yourself saying "One more time!"

Leeftijd: 9+
Spelers: 1-5
Speelduur: 15 min
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