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5 rafters are collecting planks of wood to make their raft bigger. Try your best to instruct them to load the cargo into the raft. But be careful, the balance of the raft extensions is important!
If a person that is supporting the raft is moved, the raft will collapse all at once.
Will you be able to skillfully build the raft and make it difficult for others to expand while also making sure you aren't the one to let it all fall apart?
Will it collapse!? Will it hold!? Enjoy the strange balancing act in this brainy, balance game!

"Rafter Five" is a balance game, where you will use 5 differently shaped rafter pieces and expand your raft while also loading in treasure chests. If you cause 5 of the other player's treasure chests to fall into the sea you lose, however if your own treasure chests fall, no problem. Purposely placing your treasure chests in a dangerous location to put pressure on the other players is a perfectly valid strategy. By skillfully using the rafters and treasure chests, you can create a strangely balanced and surprisingly large raft! The raft will collpase in surprising places which makes for an exciting and suspensful game.

"Rafter Five" is designed by Jun Sasaki, author of "Deep Sea Adventure", "In a Grove", and "Startups", and Mashiu, author of "Quickity Pickity", "Building Sword as soon as possible", and "Burger ASAP!". This game was co-created by these two game desginers, and is Oink Games' first balance game.

With its simple rules, it's great fun for players of any generation. There are also advanced rules where you must avoid the nails and joints shown on the lumber cards, as well as single-player rules that challenge you to see how many treasure chests you can place.

Leeftijd: 7+
Spelers: 1-6
Speelduur: 20 min
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