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UH OH! Here comes that customer who likes to give confusing orders. Work together to memorize their order. It's ok if you don't remember the order cards that were given to you.
But what tends to happen is that only the orders you remember come back to your hand. For whatever reason people keep saying the wrong order!
It's not a lot to remember, but if you can't do it very well…no worries! Hopefully someone else will remember it for you! Well, is everyone ready to give a shot!?

"Order Overload: Cafe" is a co-op, memory game that has you remebering menu orders. Even if you don't have the confidence in your memorizing skills, forgetting………is fun!? The rules are simple, it's cooperative and playable with 2 to 6 players, so children and adults alike can enjoy playing together. Also, recommended for those new to board games.

Cards with orders such as "Hot Coffee" and "Iced Latte" are read aloud, and each player memorizes these Order Cards. Once the cards have been dealt to everyone, keep in mind the orders that were just read. Then, take a guess at the Order Cards in the other players' hands. Correctly guessed orders are revealed, but if the other playres didn't have the order you guessed, you're eliminated. If you achieve the set number of cards you need to reveal before everyone is elminated, level clear! As you go up in levels, the number of Order Cards increases and the difficulty level goes up. What's the highest level you can clear?

Leeftijd: 6+
Spelers: 2-6
Speelduur: 20 min
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