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Hey, newbie! Welcome! The main role of the DDD, "The Department of Difference Development", is making Spot the Difference puzzles!
We want YOU to take some of our premade illustrations and draw in some differences.
But hold on! We don't need to tell you that making it too easy isn't fun, but on the other hand, making it too hard can be a bummer too.
You gotta find that sweet spot and make it just difficult enough to find the differences. If you find the differences within the time limit, you score!
For everyone that has ever wanted to make their own Spot the Difference puzzle, this is the board game for you! With your friends, with your family, have some fun together!

"Make the Difference" is a board game spin on "Spot the Difference". Add 5 lines to one of the provided illustrations to create 5 "mistakes," then, have the other players try to find them! You get points if you: create a "mistake" that's moderately difficult and found, or if you create one that's bold yet no one can find. Making and finding "mistakes" together gives players a fresh take on the universally-known "Spot the Difference".

Avoid making "mistakes" that can be easily found in the first minute, and small "mistakes" that are too difficult to find in the second minute don't get points. Make strategically well-made "mistakes" to score points. Additionally, if you can make a bold "mistake" that goes un-found you get bonus points!

Leeftijd: 7+
Spelers: 2-5
Speelduur: 20 min
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