Dorfromantik - The Board Game (Spiel des Jahres 2023) (EN)


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Burbling rivers, rustling forests, wheat fields swaying in the wind, and here and there a cute little village – that is Dorfromantik! The gaming community has been swooning with delight over the video game by small indie studio Toukana Interactive since its Early Access in March 2021. It has even won several well-known video game awards. Now Michael Palm and Lukas Zach have transformed the popular landscape-building puzzle game into a family board game for all ages with Dorfromantik – The Board Game.

In Dorfromantik – The Board Game, up to six players use hexagonal tiles to form a beautiful landscape together and try to fulfill the wishes of its population. At the same time, they must lay the longest possible train track and the longest possible river, and take the flags into account, which provide points in completed areas. The better the players succeed in designing their landscape, the more points they can achieve at the end of a game. During the replayable campaign, new tiles can be unlocked with the points scored in earlier games. Those tiles are initially hidden in small, closed boxes. They provide the players with new, additional tasks and make it possible to keep increasing the high score in this cooperative game.

Leeftijd: 8+
Spelers: 1-6
Speelduur: 30-60 min
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